Sales & Delivery Policy

1.For units and individuals:

For units and individuals wishing to purchase in the form of a distribution agentPlease contact our sales department to discuss buying and selling policies, dealer contracts, incentives deals … etc

2.For overseas customers who want to import goods:

Please contact us directly by email or phone so we can better understand your request.Due to the unique requirements of each country, making your requests is essential for cooperation.

We are happy to bring Vietnamese Cashew nuts to friends around the world.

3.For customers who want to pack on their own requirements:

For customers who want to pack on their own requirements (For those who want more information of their business on our packaging, we only accept when satisfying the requirements) Large quantity (20 tons / month).

Products are still branded Vietnamcashewco

The design will be supported by us

4.Payment Methods:

When paying for goods, customers can choose the payment channels below with the corresponding time as follows:

Payment via bank transfer

Payment against documents (DP) combine TT

Payment by LC combine TT

5.Delivery terms:


Freight cost will be support by us a part or total cost is subject to orders


For inquiries and order of cashewnut, kindly inform us as follows:


Phone: 0084.946.416.776

Address: 35 Group DT741, Thangloi zone, Tanphu Ward, Dongphu Dist. Binhphuoc province Vietnam